Our company has been active in the furniture industry since 1979 and combines quality and taste.

We come to your place and we examine your needs together. We design, recommend and consistently execute your order.

The experience, the creative mood and the constant updating on the trends of the world fashion are reflected in our constructions, so for decades we decorate houses that stand out. We design and manufacture handmade furniture of high quality, modern or classic, with timeless value, and any other special construction that can be customized to your place.

Our many years of experience have made us able to accurately manufacture equipment for chain stores, pharmacies, offices and hotel units and our work always distinguishes. We are housed in privately-owned premises of ​​1.500m2, on a plot of 11.000m2. in Kavalari Thessaloniki, which allow as to handle large orders without delays. From 2015, we have expanded our operations abroad where we see notable growth prospects. At the moment, exports account for 15% of our sales. To be convinced about our experience and passion, please browse in our photo gallery and admire the construction of a boat on our premises, which was built from scratch, following a shipbuilding design. It is an entirely wooden boat, unique in the world, which was completed in 2017 and wherever it sailed it won applause and exclamation.